Akshay Tritiya in Jainism – How Jains celebrate Akshay Tritiya

Akshay Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej or Akha Trij or Akshaya Trutiya, is one of the biggest festivals in Jainism. Jains celebrate the festival with utmost devotion and gaiety. Akshay Tritiya 2011 date is May 6. Usually, Akshay Tritiya falls on the third day of bright fortnight in Vaishakh month.

In 2010, there were two Vaisakh months – Adhik Vaishakh month and Nija Vaisakh month. Adhik Vaisakh Akshay Tritiya 2010 date is April 17th.

Jains complete their austerity of Varshitap on Akshay Tritiya by taking sugar-cane juice in Shatrunjay. The legend says that Lord Rishabdev completed the austerity of fasting for one year continuously. Akshay Tritiya is considered as the most auspicious day for Shatrunjay yatra (pilgrimage to Shatrunjay).

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