AP Model School Recruitment 2012 Notification for Principals, PGT, TGT Posts

AP Model School Recruitment 2012 notification for Principals, teachers (PGT & TGT) posts was released on 6 February 2012. Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) is the administration body for model school project in Andhra Pradesh. RMSA has started the recruitment procedure for recruitment of Principles, Post Graduate Teachers (PGT) and Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT for 355 model schools throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Details of Vacancies: the total number of vacant posts is: 7100. As part of these recruitments, 355 Principles’ posts, 4615 for PGT and 2130 for TGT vacancies. The recruitments for model schools will be done as per the district-wise posts.

Age limit: The age limit for Principal job for AP model school should be between 35 to 50 years as on July 1, 2012. The age limit for PGT and TGT recruitments for AP model school should be 18 and above and should be below 39 years as on July 1, 2012. For BC/SC/ST the maximum age limit is 44 years and 49 years for physically challenged candidates.

Pay Scale: The pay scale for Principal is Rs.20680-46960/- , for PGTs the scale of pay is Rs.16150-42590/ and for TGTs the salary will be Rs.14860-39540/- and they will be appointed under direct recruitment.

Educational Qualifications for Principal: The candidate should have two years integrated Post Graduate Course from Regional institute of education of NCERT or with 50% of aggregate marks obtained in Master’s Degree from UGC recognized university and should have B.Ed or equivalent teaching degree and he/she must be from English Medium school or college. The candidates who have previous years of experience held in the position of Principals, Lecturers, Headmaster in recognized secondary schools or Vice Principals are eligible to apply. Knowledge of computers is desirable for this job.

Educational Qualifications for PGT: The candidate should have two year integrated Post Graduate Course from Regional Institute of Education of NCERT on the concerned subject, or should have obtained 50% aggregate marks obtained from Masters Degree from UGC recognized university on the below mentioned subjects and the candidates should have done B.Ed or equivalent degree with methodology in the concerned subject from UGC recognized University. The candidate must be from English medium school or college except for the post of PGT (Telugu).

  1. PGT (English) – English
  2. PGT (Telugu) – Telugu
  3. PGT (Maths) – Mathematics /Applied Mathematics
  4. PGT (Physics) – Physics/ Electronics/Applied Physics/Nuclear Physics
  5. PGT (Chemistry) – Chemistry with specialization in Inorganic/Organic/Physical Chemistry
  6. PGT (Botany) – Botany/Life Sciences/ Bio Sciences/Genetics/ MicroBiology/Bio-Technology/Molecular Bio/Plant Physiology provided at Graduate level they need to have done Botany and Zoology.
  7. PGT (Zoology) – Zoology Life Sciences/ Bio Sciences/Genetics/ MicroBiology/Bio-Technology/Molecular Bio/Plant Physiology provided at Graduate level the candidate should have studied Botany.
  8. PGT (History) – History
  9. PGT (Geography) – Geography
  10. PGT (Commerce) – Commerce with Accountancy/Cost Accounting/Financial Accountancy as a major subject of study. Please note that the candidate who have done M.Com in Applied/Business Economics are not eligible.
  11. PGT (Economics) – Economics/Applied Economics/Business Economics.
  12. PGT(Civics) – Political Science

Educational Qualifications for TGT: The candidate should have obtained 50% aggregated marks from their four years integrated degree course from Regional Insitute of Education of NCERT or 50% aggregate marks obtain from Second Class Bachelors Degee from UGC recognized university and in aggregate which includes electives and Languages in the combination of the below mentioned subjects. The candidates must be from English medium schools or college except for the post of TGT (Telugu) and TGT (Hindi). For TGT post the candidates should have passed A.P TET Paper-II or its equivalent.

Educational Qualifications for TGT (Telugu) – Should have Graduation in Telugu as main subject or on of the three optional subjects or Degree in Oriental Language in Telugu i.e. B.O.L or its equivalent or PG Degree in Telugu and B.Ed with Telugu as methodology subject or Telugu Pandit Training or its equivalent.

Educational Qualifications for TGT (Hindi) – Should be a Graduate with Hindi as one of the full elective subject or B.O.L in Hindi or Praveena of Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha or Vidwan of Hindi Prachar Sabha, Hyderabad or equivalent qualification in Hindi in the standard of BA degree or PG Degree in Hindi with any of the below mentioned training qualifications.

B.Ed with Hindi as methodology – from any recognized university and NCTE

B.Ed (Hindi Medium) – from Dakshina Bharata Hindi Prachar Shabha, Hyderabad

Pracharak Degree and Bachelor of Education – From Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, Madras

Diploma in Pracharak (including Praveena) – from Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, Madras

Diploma in Pracharak – from Hindistani Prachar Sabha, Wardha

Diploma in Sikshana Kala Praveena – from Akhila Bharateeya Hindi Parishad, Agra

Hindi Shikshak (including Diploma in Hindi Vidwan) – from Hindi Prachara Sabha, Hyderabad

Hindi Pandits Training Certificate – from Andhra Pradesh Commissioner for Government Examinations.

Hindi Shikshan Parangat Hindi Shikshan Nishnat – from Kendriya Hindi Shikshak

Educational Qualifications for TGT(English) – Candidates with Graduation in English as main subject or one of the optional subjects or a PG Degree in English, having B.Ed with English as methodology subject. Candidates who have done their SSC, intermediate and Graduation through English medium only are eligible to apply.

Educational Qualifications for TGT(Maths) – Candidate with Graduation in Mathematics / applied mathematics / statistics as main subject or on of the three optional subjects and should have done B.Ed degree with mathematics as methodology provided that he should have done Mathematics at Intermediate level.

Educational Qualifications for TGT(Science) – Candidate with Degree with at least any two of the mentioned subjects which includes – Physics / Applied Physics / Engineering Physics & Instrumentation and Chemistry / Applied Chemistry / Industrial Chemistry / Pharmaceutical Chemistry / Medicinal Chemistry / BioChemistry / Geology or either Physics / its allied subjects or Chemistry / its allied subjects as one of the main subject and other as subsidiary / ancillary subject and B.Ed. degree with Physical Science / Physics / Chemistry / Science as a methodology subject, provided he should have done Physics and Chemistry at Intermediate level or must have done Graduation with Botany and Zoology as optional subjects or one of the two as main and the other as subsidiary subject or any two of other allied subjects as mentioned here Public Health / Human Genetics / Genetics / Bio-chemistry / Environment Sciences / Micro-biology / Bio-Technology / Industrial Micro-biology / Agriculture/ Food Technology/ Fisheries/ Nutrition / Geology / Sericulture / Horticulture /Forestry /Poultry and a B.Ed. Degree with Biological Science / Natural Sciences / Science / Botany / Zoology /as a methodology subject, provided at intermediate level the candidate should have taken Botany and Zoology.

Educational Qualifications for TGT (Social Studies): The candidate shoud have done Graduation with with any two of the following subjects as optional or one of them as a main and any other one as a subsidiary subject – (i) History (ii) Economics (iii) Geography (iv) Political Science (v) Public Administration (vi)Sociology (vii) Commerce (viii) Politics (ix) Social Anthropology (x) Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology (xi) Anthropology (xii) Social Work (xiii) Philosophy and (xiv) Psychology or shoud be a B.Com Graduate with any four of the mentioned six subjects: (i) Economics / Business Economics (ii) Business Organization and Management (iii) Statistics / Business Statistics / Quantitative Techniques (iv) Financial Services, Banking and Insurance (v) Accountancy / Financial Accounting (vi) Fundamentals of Information Technology and B.Ed. Degree with Social Studies / Social Sciences / Geography/ History / Politics Political Science/ Economics as a methodology subject provided he should have studied at least two of the subjects i.e., Civics, Economics, Commerce, History and Geography at Intermediate level.

Please Note that the candidate who have studied one subject at Degree level and second subject at PG level are also eligible to apply for the posts which has prescribed as two subjects at Degree level.

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