Best Invertors or UPS in India, How to choose best UPS or Inverter

This is the guide for best inverters or UPS in India and how to guide for choosing best UPS or inverter in Indian market. The changing living standards and the shortage of power supply has made the need of Inverters and UPS inevitable for our household use as well as working on expensive computers. People have become used to all the facilities of electrical appliances in their daily life as they can’t resist the power cuts or trippings and prefer to go for a good quality Inverter or UPS instead of waiting for power supply to be reinstated. Moreover, while working on computer, that contains many valuable data, UPS is must as the data may vanish in the absence of it in case of power cut.

Features of best inverters or UPS

  • Protection from ground faults: inverters can be used for in-house power supply as well as out-house in the absence of regular power. While using it out of house say in the ground Inverter must be having the option of protection from ground faults like that of moisture or dampness. Inverter may trip the power supply in case of sensing such fault and may recover the supply after removing the fault.
  • Transfer switching: Many Inverters and UPS have transfer switching facility so that at time of reinstating of power supply, the supply is automatically switched over to it. You need not make any manual effort for it.
  • Proper backup time: UPS are used to provide back to the user of computer to avoid abrupt closure of computer and get the data stored in its memory at the time of power failure, so that it can be recovered after reinstating of regular power supply.
  • Voltage regulator: Inverter or UPS of best quality have an additional feature of automatic voltage regulator that can stabilize the voltage fluctuations in the presence of regular power supply. It saves the electrical appliances and computer from the fluctuations.

Types of best quality Inverters and UPS

Inverters are usually of two types:

  • Modified Sine Wave Inverter
  • True Sine Wave Inverter

UPS are also of two types:

  • Standby Power System UPS
  • Online UPS

Selecting the best Inverter or UPS

Inverters and UPS are available in various capacities in the market.

While going to purchase best Inverter you should be aware of the power load for which the backup is required. It can be calculated by the formula Volts x Amps = Watts.

Similarly while selecting the best UPS, VA rating marked on the UPS should be 20-25% more than the total VA rating of the whole equipment getting backup from it.


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