Best Microwave Oven in India, Microwave Ovens in Indian Market

Over a last few years microwave oven was used only as a heating appliance. But now kitchen household still use microwave oven to heat up the leftover meal and to prepare full-time cooking as well. With so much of useful benefits provided by the microwave oven, people are in search of buying the best microwave oven in India.

If you are serious in buying the best microwave oven in India, then you’ll be provided with various buying options. India is known to have best brands of microwave ovens. Microwave oven is known to be an exquisite kitchen appliance that helps to cook delicious and healthy food within short span of time.

Today, best microwave oven in India play an integral part in every person’s life. This electronic gadget not only simplifies one’s household works but reduces energy consumption. Here comes the question what all things you can do with the best microwave oven in India?

Best microwave oven in India will provide you with features such as:

  1. Roast, grill and brown foods
  2. Pre-programmed touch keypad will allow you to make specific recipes
  3. Prepare entire meals without over heating
  4. Automatically shut off when the food is done.

Best microwave oven in India comes in three types and sizes:

  1. Compact microwave: smallest type of consumer microwave. Ranging 500 and 1000 watts of power and have a capacity of 28 litres.
  2. Medium capacity microwave: Interiors range in between 30 and 45 litres and have power consumption of 1000-1500 watts.
  3. Large capacity microwave: Having capacity of 60 litres and over 2000 watts power consumption.


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