Best Refrigerators in India, Best Fridges brands in Indian Market

This is a guide to choose the best refrigerators or fridges in India. Refrigerator (Fridge), an integral part of our household, is a home appliance which we are not going to buy daily. There were times when a refrigerator was bought once in a blue moon but the advanced technologies and increasing temperature due to global warming have made it a necessity for almost every household. The refrigerators which were afforded by the riches are now affordable for a common man due to advancement of the technology.

Types of refrigerators in India

Refrigerators are available in number of sizes and models ranging from 50Litres to 700Litres. Normally, refrigerators of 50Litres to 350Litres are used for household requirements and the higher sized refrigerators are used for commercial purposes. In every season the refrigerator manufacturing companies throw new models in various sizes to attract fresh customers. Mini 50-100 Lt., small 130-200Lt., medium 230-400Lt. and commercial 450-700Lt, single door, double door, frost free refrigerators are some of the models usually available in the market from generally every standard company.

Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, Videocon, Godrej, Voltas, Electrolux, Panasonic, Hitachi, Sharp, etc. are the best refrigerators brands in Indian market.

Factors to be considered for buying the Best Refrigerator in India

  • Flexibility and capacity: Refrigerators of various sizes and variable interior facilities are present in the market. Your choice depends on the need of your household. Normally a 150-200Lt. refrigerator is ideal for a family of 4 members.
  • Type of refrigerator: Refrigerators are found in single door and double door models. Single door models run with the technology of direct cooling and double door are also called frost free.
  • Size of refrigerator: The size of refrigerator depends on various factors like your need, space available to place it. You must have proper place to put the refrigerator as it needs at least one foot breathing space all-around.
  • Energy efficiency: The refrigerator you are going to buy should, have an energy efficiency declaration, consume less electricity.
  • Maintenance: The refrigerator has to serve 24 x 7 hours, so the model you buy should be easy to maintain and repair, if needed.
  • Performance efficiency: The refrigerators are made to perform the function of cooling as well as freezing the eatables and procuring them for a longer time.


Before going to buy Best Refrigerator in India you should consider all the features and aspects stated above. There is a strong competition in the world of refrigerators choice. Refrigerator is not a matter of daily purchase so be careful as it is going to last with you at least for several years.


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