Bridal makeup tips – Makeup and Beauty Tips for Brides

It is 100 percent true that every bride wants to look best and perfect on her wedding day. She wants her makeup playing an important part in complementing her facial features, outfit and accessories. Keep in mind that great makeup starts with great skin, so make sure that bride skin is blemish free especially on her wedding day. As a bride, she can prepare her skin for her wedding day by keeping a check over the food items that she eats which makes her skin oily and irritating.

  • First and foremost step, she should cut down the consumption of spicy food items, caffeinated drinks in her diet to get prepared for her big day. Instead she should drink loads of water as it helps in detoxifying her body systems, and giving her altogether a glowing and radiant skin.
  • On a wedding day itself, bride should get her facial as well as body hairs removed, including eyebrows done in well shape. Wash your body skin nicely, exfoliate it and them apply a nice oil-free moisturizer on your body. Make use of concealer in case bride has dark eye circles. Keep the bridal makeup as natural as possible, making use of lightweight foundation and tinted moisturizer in place of foundation. For blush, use neutral colors only. Also keep eye shadow colors in neutral shade as well. Choose lipstick that goes well with her jewellery and outfit color.
  • Use black kohl to line the eyes and apply loads of mascara to make the eyelashes appear big. At the end, apply translucent powder in golden shade to highlight the makeup.
  • Make sure you do not overdo bridal makeup. Let the bride makeup be soft, gentle and appealing as bride is going to be a focus for all the eyes in wedding.

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