Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad 2011-2012 in 3000 schools of Andhra Pradesh

EIOF has set up a target to conduct EIO in more than 3000 schools of Andhra Pradesh for the coming academic year (2011-2012). Over 30,000 students of about 1000 schools in all six zones of Andhra Pradesh are expecting to be participated in our Intellectual Olympiad 2011. This is going to be a ‘Mega’ platform for the students to showcase their inherent talent.

Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad Foundation (EIOF) is an exclusive non-profit competitive education organization started with the vision to identify and encourage the intellectual and talented students in India. Initiated with the aim of providing every type of confidence in next generation of the nation, EIOF has been in action since 2005.

Taking the talent-oriented programs into further levels, EIOF had started conducting different talent search programs, Intellectual Olympiads in schools and colleges every academic year since its inception.

Eduranet’s Intellectual Olympiad (EIO) is one of the successful ‘Mega Events’ of EIOF which creates an interactive platform for the students of III – X classes (8-15 age groups). This Olympiad received an overwhelming response and astounding success. Thousands of students participated and proved their inherent talent and won awards.

Eduranet’s Intellectual Olympiad (EIO) comprises of seven intellectual competitions conducted in six zones (Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Tirupathi and Warangal) of Andhra Pradesh.

To conduct the program successfully and meet the expenses Eduranet is inviting sponsors to promote their brands in this Mega students’ event and reap the benefit from it.

The sponsorship details and Olympiad brochure are enclosed with this letter. Kindly go through it. Visit the official website of Eduranet’s Interllectual Olympiad 2011-2012 for more information on dates of competitions and sponsorship details.

Eduranet is looking forward from the sponsors to participate in our sponsorship program and get benefits of branding your services, company, products in this huge platform.


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