GHMC Elections Exit Poll 2016, Survey for GHMC Post Poll

GHMC Elections Exit Poll 2016, Survey of GHMC Elections Seat projections Exit poll 2016, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Elections 2016 exit poll results..

Infopiper conducted an exit-poll survey (Infopiper Ground Report) for GHMC elections 2016. The survey predicts the seat share and vote share for each party along with many other details such as voting pattern and voter behaviour in GHMC elections this time.

This survey is conducted on ground in 150 divisions. The sample size is very huge – totalling 11,070 voters.

The voters / participants are from various age groups, male and female (gender), various religions and castes, different classes, social status, etc,.

Here is the survey results of GHMC Elections 2016 (Seat Projection and Vote share projections)..

TRS is leading the contest with 49 seats. BJP-TDP alliance gets 47 seats, AIMIM gets 39 seats, Congress Party gets 12 seats and Independents (Others) get 3 seats.

Infopiper GHMC Exit Poll 2016


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