Lip care tips, How to protect lips

Undoubtedly everyone gets attracted to soft, healthy and pink lips. Healthy lips certainly lend a fresh energizing look to your face catching attention of everyone around you. Always keep in mind that lips are the most sensitive part of your body and requires proper nurturing from time to time. So don’t think much now and start paying attention to your lips otherwise dry, chapped lips may spoil your overall looks and make you appear dull, pale and unappealing.

  1. No matter what shape and size of lips you have, it is important to plump them up naturally to keep them in healthy state. Keep in mind that lips have no oil producing glands in it. Lips are actually a mucous membrane, so it’s important to protect them from getting chapped and drier. Some of the major factors that cause chapped lips are allergic reaction to cosmetics, excess of sun exposure, extreme weather conditions, skin infections and vitamin B deficiency. Even the habit of biting of lips cause cracks in lips.
  2. For taking care of your lips, make sure you apply a nice quality lip balm every night before hitting your bed. One should make use of lip exfoliates to get rid of dead cells from your lips.
  3. Keep in mind that using harsh exfoliates causes the skin surrounding your lips to peel off and leads to flakiness, so avoid them at every cost. Also put a halt on the habit of licking your lips especially during cold and windy weather.
  4. For getting extra softness and smoothness on lips, try out your favorite lip balm.
  5. Don’t forget to apply good quality moisturizer or lip balm on your lips several times a day to keep them hydrated. Also apply sunscreen on your lips before stepping out to protect your skin from sun’s harmful rays.

Hope the above lip care tips helps you in achieving healthy and luscious lips all around the year.

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