Makeup tips for monsoons – Monsoon Makeup Tips

How to make your skin radiant in monsoon season? This article gives you the makeup tips for monsoon. Do you often refuse to attend parties during monsoons as this weather can play a spoilsport on those specials events? Well panic not! Here are some wonderful ways to make your makeup last long during monsoons weather- have a look!

During monsoons, avoid use of foundations for makeup otherwise you can get caught into a messy situation. Instead you can go for a face powder option. Do apply a moisturizer before starting makeup and even rubbing ice cube over face for 5-10 minutes helps in lowering down the perspiration rate. For a neat well groomed look, you can select water resistance foundation for makeup. Say big ‘no’ to concealer during monsoon. If needed touch up with foundation only especially on blemishes and under eye circle area.

During monsoon weather, you lip color may wash away very easily, so make use of lip liners only. Fill your lips with lip liners itself to make it last long. You can even go for long lasting shades or non transferable lipsticks. Avoid use of creamy and glossy lip colors. Go for matte tones, cream matte when it comes to lip color. Always carry two basic shades –brown and pink in your bag. Keep in mind that in monsoons, light colors work best. If you don’t wear lip colors, you can also apply a nourishing lip balm.

You would be glad to read that cream blushes are best option for monsoons as they are water friendly. Peach and brown shades will be the best options for monsoon weather.

Avoid use of kajal in monsoons as they spreads easily and can destroy your overall looks. You can instead go for transparent moisturizing mascara and waterproof eyeliners to highlight your eye lashes. Avoid using colored mascara as it can spoil your personality.

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