Monsoon makeup tips, How to look beautiful in Rainy season

During rainy weather, thick makeup gets washed and soiled out. So it is important that you stick to light and sheer makeup during the wet, humid climate. While doing monsoon makeup, make sure you have waterproof mascara, water eyeliners, waterproof foundation and transfer resistant lip colors.

This is because waterproof cosmetics do not get washed away under rains. Here are some smart monsoon makeup tips to make you look sexy and stunning- have a look!

  • First and foremost instead of using foundation, go for loose face powder to avoid the mess in rainy season. Discontinue the use of concealer during monsoons. To reduce the visibility of dark circles, make use of foundation. Make sure you use waterproof foundation during monsoons. Remember that silicon based foundations become part of skin and are your best bet during monsoons. Avoid wearing makeup near hairline because if hair turns wet in rains, they can ruin your makeup entirely.
  • Avoid using eyebrow pencil during rainy season. Keep your eyebrows up to the mark by trimming, threading, plucking and waxing them. Remember that eyeliners runs, eye shadow bleeds and kajal smudges badly during monsoons if you get wet, so stick to kohl pencil and powder based eye shadows to get perfect monsoon makeup.
  • Go for lighter shades of blush-on that matches with your skin tone perfectly. Avoid using powder blushers as they cause patches on your skin. Use cream based blushers as they are water friendly and can be easily dabbed with a tissue in case face gets wet. Try the peach and brown shade blushers during monsoons.
  • Stay away from creamy and glossy lipsticks in monsoons. Instead go for long lasting and transfer- resistant lipsticks for your monsoon makeup. You can try out transparent lip- gloss during monsoons to get a natural look this season.

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