MSc Computer Science Career Options, Course, Institutes, Jobs after MSc Computers

Today, Computer is the necessity of this era. Almost every industry seeks for the computer professionals to handle their large databases, programs, hardware, networking etc. Even the person with least academic background and basic computer knowledge can become a computer operator and start earning. Apart from the IT (Information Technology) field, various other fields are present in which they offer Computer awareness so that person should be well familiar with the computer’s usage in the current environment.

In Science stream also offers a 2-year post graduate course of Master of Science in Computer Science (MSc. Computer Science) which is the amalgamation of Computers and Science. MSc. Computer Science covers fundamental of Computers, various programming languages, handling of large and complex databases in order to have large storage capacity and centralization of data, designing and building software, how to operate various operating system like UNIX, LINUX and also networking concepts. MSc. Computer Science not only provides theoretical information but also practical implementation of each subject.

Eligibility Criteria

A Candidate has to qualify one of the following 3-year graduate degrees:

a)     Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc. Computer Science)

b)     Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc. IT)

c)      Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology (B.A. IT)

d)     Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Physics, Applied Physical Sciences with Mathematics and Computer as compulsory subjects.

with minimum 55-60% of marks from well recognised university examination.

Admission Criteria

There is entrance examination conducted by various universities like Delhi University, Panjab University, Jawaharlal Nehru University etc. and the prospectus is available from respective university counters where students get admission as per the merit list declared by the college.

Career Prospects after MSc. Computer Science

a)   Higher Studies

1)      M. Phill

2)     Ph.D in Computer Science

3)     UGC NET/SET test for junior research fellowship or lecturership.

4)     MBA

5)     MCA

b)    Job Opportunities

1)      Teacher

2)     Lecturer

3)     System Analyst

4)     Database Administrator

5)     Lab Attendant

6)     Bank’s IT Officer

7)     IT professional in Government Offices.

Colleges/ Universities that runs MSc. Computer Science

Institutes Website
University of Delhi
Panjab University
University of Mumbai
School of Computer Science, Indore
University of Pune
Pondicherry University
Amity University
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Indian Statistical Institute
SRM University
Chennai Mathematical Institute
Loyola College, Chennai
Mangalore University

Fee Structure

The Fee for this course ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000 per semester as per the facilities provided by the university.

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