MSc Mathematics Career Options, Course, Institutes, Jobs after MSc Maths

MSc. Mathematics, having full form as Master of Science in Mathematics is a 2-year post graduate degree course for the aspirants who wanted to pursue their studies more deeply in learning pure and applied form of mathematics in the real life. The whole degree may catch the eyes of scientists, mathematicians as well as engineers who want to learn the higher level knowledge about applied mathematics. Mathematics is considered to be the heart in advance sciences, engineering as well as technology which further contributes in problem-solving and decision-making instruments in business, finance and accounting industry in both public and private sectors. Mathematics enhances your intellectual thinking and reasoning skills which becomes the interest of employers. Students who acquires symbolic and mathematical approach in problem solving becomes the hallmark for the organisation.

Reasons to study MSc. Mathematics

  1. Post Graduate in Mathematics differ you from largely graduate level population.
  2. You can become professional programmer or work in finance for which your graduate level skills and knowledge proves to be deficient in your career perspective.
  3. When it comes to do Specialisation in the field of Mathematics, Post graduate degree can provide a way out for it.
  4. The Amount of opportunities is vast as post graduate students with high mathematical knowledge and skills required for the jobs like in finance, education, engineering, business, social, research work in mathematics and science as well.
  5. The completion of this degree course ensures cognitive skills, key skills, practical and professional, knowledge and understanding skills acquired by the students.

Eligibility Criteria

A Candidate has to qualify minimum 55-60% marks aggregate along with Mathematics/ Statistics with Bachelor of Arts(B.A.) or Bachelor of Science(B.Sc.) in Mathematics/Statistics.

An Entrance Exam can be conducted as per the criteria of the concerned University.

Career Perspective

Higher Education

a)     Ph.D in Mathematics

b)     M.Phil in Mathematics

c)      Researcher in an Organisation

Job Opportunities

  1. Mathematician
  2. Operation Research Analyst
  3. Numerical Analyst
  4. Estimator/ Mathematical Analyst
  5. Bank Examiner
  6. Benefits Administrator
  7. Production Manager
  8. Foreign-Exchange Trader
  9. Psychometrist
  10. Purchase Agent/ Buyer
  11. Computer Programmer
  12. Information Scientist
  13. Insurance Agent
  14. Statistician
  15. Teacher/Lecturer
  16. Investment Researcher
  17. System Analyst
  18. Credit/Loan Officer
  19. Cost Estimator
  20. Market Research Analyst

Colleges/ Institutes/University that provides MSc. Mathematics:

  1. St. Stephan’s College, Mumbai
  2. IIT, Delhi, Kanpur, Agartala, Roorkee, Madras, Guwahati, Bombay, Kharagpur
  3. NIT Warangal, Agartala, Jalandhar
  4. MNIT Jaipur
  5. MNNIT Allhahbad
  6. BITS pilani
  7. Madras Institute of Technology
  8. Indraprastha College for Women
  9. Hindu College
  10. ISM Dhanbad
  11. Dr. Ambedkar Govt. Arts College, Chennai
  12. Ramjas College

Fee Structure

As per the university’s ownership, fee amount varies but approximately lies in between Rs. 15,000 to Rs.37,000.

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