Natural herbs to beat summers – Home Remedies for summer heat

Summers are back again!  According to ayurveda, summers are known as the pitta season and you need to adjust to this hot weather in the best manner to keep your body healthy and fit. Explore the article below that guides you over list of natural herbs that helps in dealing the hot summer season in an effective way.

You all would be glad to read that sesame and neem oil acts as best sunscreens for your skin during summers. Sesame oil is loaded with vitamin E, calcium and phosphorous that lightens blemishes in a great way. Also it has a sunscreen effect of SPF4.

Neem oil is also another perfect sunscreen for your skin in summers. It effectively treats the problem of sunburn.

In summers, application of orange peel and papaya extracts protects your skin from harmful effects of sun and keeps skin fresh, soft and healthy in a natural way.

If your job demands you to spend more time under the sun, don’t fret! Instead you can add few drops of rose sandalwood essence to a cold bathing water. Pat it dry lightly and then apply coconut oil. This is a perfect remedy for summers. For treating sunburn skin, you can always apply crushed cucumber, Aloe Vera gel or cold buttermilk.

In case of heat rash, prepare paste of 1 tsp sandalwood powder and pinch of camphor. Add some buttermilk and mix well. Apply this paste over the affected area. Later wash it off with cold water. This remedy wonderfully heals and soothes rashes.

In case of prickly heat, take equal quantities of pea flower powder, coriander powder and sandalwood powder and mix well. Add pinch of nutmeg and rose water. Mix well and apply on the affected area. Leave for few minutes and then rinse it off with cold water.

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