Rakhi recipes for you – Raksha Bandhan Sweet recipes

The festival of rakhi or Rakshabandhan is here! This year, celebrate this holy festival with some interesting and tasty recipes which are written below! The list of ingredients needed and the preparation methods of Mal Pua and Kesar Burfi are given here. I am sure you all would savor these recipes with lot of delight.

Mal pua


Rose water, some fresh cream, 1 tbsp water powdered sugar, ¼ tsp powdered cardamom for garnishing, 250gm sieved plain flour, 500gm sugar, oil for frying


  • First prepare sugar syrup in a saucepan by adding sugar with water. Boil for 8-10 minutes so that thick sugar syrup gets prepared.
  • In another bowl, add sieved flour to sugar and water. Mix well to prepare a thick smooth batter. Once batter gets prepared, keep it aside for ½ hour.
  • Heat oil in flat bottom pan.fry the mixture in pan till it turns golden brown in color and then transfers them into sugar syrup.
  • Sprinkle some cardamom powder, rosewater and fresh cream and serve hot.

Kesar Burfi


300gm sugar, ¼ tsp orange color, 500gm cashew nuts, ½ tsp saffron, 2 silver wark


  • Soak cashew nuts in water for 3 hours. Drain and grind them.
  • In a pan, add sugar to grinded cashew nuts and roast on low flame. Stir continuously so that they mix well. Now add saffron and orange color and stir again nicely.
  • Place a butter paper on a rolling board and pour the mixture on it.
  • Place another butter paper and sandwich the mixture between the two papers.
  • Roll in with rolling pin. Now remove the butter paper from the top.
  • Place silver wark and cut the kesar burfi into pieces of desired shape and size.
  • Serve once they get fully dry.
  • So what are you thinking now? Just read the recipes written above and prepare in your kitchen cabinets to show your love to your brother on rakhi festival.

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