UP Assembly Elections Opinion Poll 2016 | Who will win Uttar Pradesh if Elections held today

UP Assembly Elections Opinion Poll 2016.. If Uttar Pradesh Elections held today, BJP will win majority of seats in assembly elections as per the Opinion Poll survey done by Infopiper.com.

According to Infopiper Opinion Poll, in UP Assembly elections, BJP will emerge as the single largest party with 224 seats.

Infopiper Opinion Poll

BJP – 224 seats

BSP – 84 seats

SP – 72 seats

Congress – 11 seats

Others – 12 seats

Note – It is an opinion poll conducted across the UP state with a sizeable sample of respondents. *If Uttar Pradesh Elections held today* (7 February 2016).

UP 2017 Seat Projections Infopiper

UP 2017 Vote Share Projection Infopiper

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